President Pullin and CIO Jason Safran at KTCU Studio for TCU Innovates recording

Episode 3: Demystifying the Endowment with CIO Jason Safran

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“In my career, I wanted to be aligned with purpose. And for me, there’s no greater cause than the student experience,” says Jason Safran.

TCU Chief Investment Officer Jason Safran ’01 talks with President Pullin about the power of TCU’s endowment and its impact on the student experience, his staffing and investing philosophies, and approach to student internships and engagement – including the annual Investment Strategies Conference hosted with the Neeley School of Business.

Safran says his goal is to “magnify the transformative student impact” happening at TCU, and by growing the endowment, help make the TCU student experience as accessible, exceptional and “life-transformative” as possible.

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